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A Rolex, a Story – Chris Evert

Chris Evert

Chris Evert

a Rolex, a Story

United States champion tennis player Chris Evert made a debut in Wimbledon Games in 1972 at the age of only 17. When retiring in 1989, Evert won 18 Grand slam individual awards with a career winning rate of 90% and successfully created a new record. She is now in the “third stage” of her life, reviewing the confidence bestowed by tennis to her and the life stages she spent with her Rolex watch. United States champion tennis player Chris Everet became (Chris Evert) first played Wimbledon in 1972 at the age of 17. When retiring in 1989, Evert won 18 Grand slam individual awards with a career success rate of 90% and successfully created a record. She is now in the “third stage” of her life, reviewing her confidence in tennis and the life passages she spends with her Rolex watch.

Races are like life. Even in the leeward, can still roll

I was a very shy person when I was young, but after I started playing tennis, the stadium became my stage. I found my strengths and built up my self-confidence on this basis. I like the audience to applaud for me and enjoy their attentions.

Chris Evert
Chris Evert

Tennis leads me to get out of the old life, and ushers me to a new self. When I was 13 years old, I realized that my performance was among the top of the women players nationwide. At that time, I began to taste success, and understand my cravings, I was determined to ascend to the group of top women tennis players. However, I never imagined that I could beat the world’s best player, not to mention at the age of 15.

That victory was an opportunity for me to open the door to success.

Tennis is like life. Even in the inferior position, you have to just start again. Also, despite setbacks, I can get up again. Tennis can make you understand the importance of a strong will, persevere is necessary, never give up. It also gives you an idea of the importance of belief and gives you confidence in the game as well. I think there are three stages in my life. The first stage is about tennis, career and the determination to be the No.1, and the focus of this stage is on self and ambition. The second stage is about family, nurturing three sons, getting married, and so on, I love family life. Now, I am entering the third stage and hope to find peace in my heart.

When I look at the watch, I do not think of the 18 grand slam victories, but the various stages of my life, not only about tennis, but also family life, career and all achievements. The watch accompanies me through all this, it is the witness of my life.

Rolex not only brings together the most successful people, but also the top athletes, the most outstanding elites, and focus on taste and virtue

I am very honored to be able to wear a Rolex, which makes me feel as if I am in the prominent club of distinguished and successful persons. When I first wore my watch 25 years ago, Jackie Stewart, Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus were all the spokesmen and Roger Federer also show his ability to the full extent. The Rolex spokesmen are not short of elites. Rolex not only brings together the most successful people, but also the top athletes, the most outstanding elites, and focus on taste and virtue. I was very thankful to join this distinguished club when I looked at the watch.

An Inspiring Story

Chris Evert

At the age of 16, she first attended a Grand Slam tournament, and quickly became a legend in tennis circle, and her excellent skill and long career were well known. She was devoted to her career for 18 years, winning a total of 18 Grand Slam awards and for seven times ascending to world No.1. She has won the Grand Slam championship for 13 consecutive years, a record that has not yet been broken, which is an evidence of her firm determination, dedication and morale.

Chris Evert
Chris Evert

Introduction to Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ladys Datejust 31

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Ladys Datejust 31

As a song of passion and charm, this modern women’s wrist watch cleverly combines the beauty of hue with texture, and perfectly embodies in its 31 mm case, while also inheriting the nobility and elegance of the Rolex Classic Datejust penetrating ages.

Prominent and Seductive

The lady’s datejust 31 is distinguished and different in character and style, it is available in many types of material, so most of datejust watches vary a lot, such as, eternal rose gold, 904L steel, 18ct gold, white gold and supreme metal 950 platinum. While, Rolesor perfectly integrates 904L steel, 18ct gold, white gold and eternal rose gold. From circular arch polishing to triangular sunken pattern, to elegantly interspersed diamonds to glistening inlaid 46 diamonds, all of which are decently matched with the 31mm watchcase, leisurely displaying its distinct character. One of them has a unique outer ring, 24 unequal-sized diamonds are well-spaced inlaid in circular arch outer ring made of 18ct gold, white gold or eternal rose gold, a enchanting and vivid sense of beauty arises spontaneously.

Symphony of Color Hue and Pattern

Lady’s Datejust 31 also has a colorful watch face, beautiful color, decorated with personality. Some are made of mother-of-pearl, while others are decorated with intricate patterns, such as champagne, pink and rhodium-white flower-patterned face, flowing light and color. One of the expensive models is made of 18ct gold, the face is densely inlaid with diamonds, especially foiling the beauty of the gems. Another model has its face made of meteorites, emitting a glow of mysterious charm.

Elegant gold or diamond hour-marking, such as Diamond-inlaid VI hour mark, is the finishing point of the face, so that each reading of time becomes a pleasing experience.

Oyster, Jubilee or Chief Watch Strap

No matter it be the oyster, jubilee or chief watchstrap, lady datejust 31 watch can equally be matched perfectly with different Rolex watchstraps. The rare model foiling the chief and jubilee watch strap is inlaid with diamonds in its strap, adding to each other’s splendor, glittering with brightness.
oyster watchcase, symbol of waterproofness
Women’s datejust type 31, not only beautiful, but also as excellent as its male peers in the performance , and just like all the oyster-style wrist watches, embodying the exquisite workmanship of Rolex. The women’s datejust-type 31 Oyster case has a waterproof depth of 100 meters (330 feet), is a role model of the perfect proportion and noble elegance . The unique form of the middle-level case is made of whole solid metal. The bottom cover of the triangular sunken pattern is tightened by the Rolex Designer’s special tool, which makes the case completely sealed. The winding Crown uses the Rolex patented double buckle lock double waterproof system, firmly tightening the watchcase. The mirror face is made of blue crystal, not easy to scrape. The 3 O’clock position is provided with a small window convex lens to facilitate reading dates. The women’s datejust 31 waterproof Oyster case provides an effective protection for the precision movement against moisture, dust, pressure and impact damage without losing elegance and generousness.

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